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Title Slides Of Action
Version Number 0.1.1ss
Version Date June 24, 2003
Copyright (c) 2003 by Clark D. Rodeffer, CDRodeffer@juno.com
Number of Players 2 or 3
Duration Approximately 10 minutes
Equipment Needed one standard piecepack, flat playing surface

Slides Of Action

An abstract piecepack game combining Lines of Action with a 15-Puzzle


Arrange any four tiles face down in a two tile by two tile square to create a four space by four space square grid. Then place five coins each from arms, crowns and suns face down onto the grid spaces as shown, leaving one empty space. Decide by some fair method who will play which suit. Arms should go first, with turns proceeding clockwise.

In a two-player game, arms is a neutral player that does not take normal turns (but may still win).


Players take turns moving the empty space to a new location by sliding groups of one, two or three coins exactly one space orthogonally. No slide backs!

Ending & Winning

A player wins as soon as all five of his or her coins are connected into one continuous group. Connections may be either orthogonal or diagonal. If all five of any two or more players' pieces are simultaneously connected into continuous groups, the player who moved wins. Yes, this means that if you create two continuously connected homogeneous groups using only your opponents' coins, you win.


For a more difficult game, stipulate that at most one connection may be diagonal to count as a win.


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