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Seattle Cosmic Game Night

Every week in the Seattle area, an elite cadre of highly-trained gamers meets to do battle. We meet alternately in West Seattle, Bothell, and Kent. Cosmic Encounter is our staple game; we play it alternate weeks. At the sessions in between (and frequently after the Cosmic game is over), we play Icehouse, Zarcana, Democrazy, Fluxx, Bohnanza, Acquire, Focus, and a host of other "gamer's games". See the newsletters below for some idea of what else we play.

Come join us! If you live in the Seattle area, you can join our mailing list, or just email Ron Hale-Evans for an updated schedule and directions.

Newsletters / Session Reports

Our newsletters are posted publicly on the web, most with photos of the games. New ones are usually posted early in the week after each game night. The newsletters include reviews and photos of games we've played, links to buy some of the games, and more.

Game Library

The members of Seattle Cosmic Game Night have assembled a library of games and game-related books. If you have attended our game night at least three times, you are welcome to borrow whatever you like from it for an indefinite period, although if someone else also wants to borrow an item, we ask you return it within a reasonable time.


Check out the PDF file of the Bad Powers we had available on CheesyCosmic Night 2000. See the Cheesy Cosmic Night newsletter for details.

We are now making available a collection of powers, Flares, Edicts, and other expansions for Cosmic Encounter. Most of them have text taken from those fine sites The Warp and Aaron Fuegi's CE page, but for the most part, you won't find these files in PostScript and PDF formats as they are here at Seattle Cosmic, printable (and usually proofread)! Most people don't know how to create these files either. We just want you to have available all the cool expansions we use with our custom sets; please don't sue us.

The files don't have an index page yet, and there are no instructions. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader or a workalike such as xpdf to read and print the PDF files, or you can send the PostScript files directly to a PostScript printer.

Desert Island Games

What five games would you bring to a desert island? Some Seattle Cosmic members have made their lists available to you. There are some pretty obscure games here...


NEW! ... the Unofficial Orion Home Page, commemorating a lost classic "game system" -- a weird mechanical gizmo with which, as with a deck of cards or a pair of dice, you can play not one, but many games. A must-see for lovers of obscure games, and darn good in its own right -- it's one of Seattle Cosmic's most-played and most-requested games.

Supporting Seattle Cosmic

The Center for Ludic Synergy and Seattle Cosmic Game Night are now associates of Funagain Games. This means that 5% of your purchase there goes toward supporting us if you buy games via the links on the following pages or the Funagain logo at the bottom of the page.

Even if you don't want to buy the games, the Funagain pages often contain lengthy, useful game reviews.

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