Chrononauts is a fun (if pricey at $20) card game from Looney_Labs? that simulates time travel better than any TimeTravelGame I (Paul) have ever seen. Chrononauts mostly dispenses with the exact details of the actual time travel that takes place in the game. Perhaps the chrononauts leap from life to life, trying to put right what once went wrong and vicey versy. Perhaps they rev their souped-up jalopies to a crucial speed or a trajectory around a handy stellar body. Perhaps they deploy the 31st Century equivalent of "cards" on a "table" in the company of their "friends."

There's not a sharp point in my describing this game in detail here as others have done that adequately elsewhere. Suffice it to say that this is a game you should play if you have any interest at all in SF-style time travel or 20th "Right Before Things Really Hit the Fan" Century history.

--Paul_David_Unwin?, with Ron_Hale-Evans?

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