Games Involving Time Travel

Chrononauts was the game that sparked this page.

Time_Agent? (1992) is a time travel game set in the future among warring alien races.

Time Agent at BoardgameGeek

Time_Pirates? (2000) is a fairly light game involving the theft of artifacts from the past, so it has that in common with Chrononauts. Rumour has it that the publishers screwed up the rules badly, but that there is a rules fix available from the designers. Kisa_Griffin? has it; maybe we can play it sometime with the correct rules.

Time Pirates at BoardgameGeek

Time_War? (1979) is a wargame involving time travel. I have Time War and would like to play it at Seattle Cosmic sometime. However, it would have to be a LongGameDay.

Time War at BoardgameGeek

Timeline? (1985) is a four-dimensional chess variant involving simulated genuine time travel. I have played this. It is quite fun. If you play it against or using Zillions_of_Games?, the computer takes care of all the bookkeeping.

Timeline at the Chess Variants Pages

Timeline review by Steffan O'Sullivan


Dr. Who - The Game of Time and Space (at BoardgameGeek) is the Dr. Who game I was thinking of. Having never actually played it, I'm not sure how heavy it is on the time-travel aspect. On the other hand, as we all know, FTL-travel, which you can bet the game does incorporate, is just another name for time-travel.