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> * Stones can mark a certain section of the board as owned by a player
> * Stones owned by players in certain sections of the board can be considered: lost, sequestered, recharging, upgrading, mired, ready to be collected...

Stones, Sticks and Sand

At the most basic level of game design stones, sticks and sand can be used to play games. Stones have colors and positions, sticks can draw in the sand, and sand can be the canvas or the board. Modern versions of those basic elements are pawns, pencils and paper.

See Low-Tech Game Systems (2003) for more on this idea.

Coins, Dice and Pawns as Stones

Synergies between Pawns and Dice

Synergies between Pawns and Coins

Synergies between Dice and Coins

Synergies between Tiles and Coins

Synergies between Dice and Tiles

Synergies between Tiles and Pawns

Paper and Piecepack Components