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Setup To begin the game, arrange thetiles as shown in the diagram. Each goalshould be
the width of one tile. Place a suncoin face down in the center of the field. Rollto
see who goes first. The starting playerplaces 4 arms coins face down anywhere inthe
player's own setup box. The secondplayer then places 4 crown coins face downanywhere
in the player's own setup box. Playthen proceeds with the starting player.
Object Score three goals to win.
Play Beginning with the startingplayer, take turns. On your turn, place the tipof your
index finger behind one of yourkickers (coins) and flick it. Normally, youwill try to
flick your kicker so that it willstrike and move the ball toward youropponent's goal.
If, after any turn, the tilesare out of alignment, re-align them.
Goal If the ball’s center is insidethe goal box (or beyond), you score a goal.After
you have scored, place the ball back intothe center of the field, place all kickers
backinto their setup boxes, then proceed with playstarting with your opponent.

Foul If you significantly disrupt thetiles that make up the field border (by half
acoin width or more), you commit a Foul. Ifthe kicker you flick on your turn moves
anopponent's kicker, and the ball does not move,you commit a Foul. If there has been a
Foul,remove the kicker that committed it from thegame (called Fouling Out). Then,
youropponent gets a Free Kick.

Call In Instead of taking yournormal turn, you may instead Call In a kicker thathas
Fouled Out. Place the kicker in the cornerbox of your choice.

Corner Throw If the ball is completelywithin a corner box on your end of the field,
youimmediately get a Corner Throw (no matter whokicked the ball into the corner box).
First, anykickers (from either team) that are touching thecorner box Foul Out. Then,
place the ball so thatit is barely within the corner box and flick itdirectly. Play
then proceeds with your opponent.You may not score a goal on a Corner Throw. Ifa
Corner Throw goes into a goal, it is scored foryour opponent. If you disrupt the
border tilessignificantly on a Corner Throw, no kickers FoulOut, but your opponent
gets a Free Kick.

Free Kick If you earn a Free Kick, flickthe ball direcly from its current position.
FreeKick may score goals. If you disrupt theborder tiles on a Free Kick, no kickers
FoulOut, but your opponent gets a Free Kick.

Out of Bounds If any of your kickers exitthe field (intentionally or otherwise)
through agoal (center of the kicker is inside the goal box),immediately place that
kicker into any corner box.










2 Players30-60 Minutesv1.0 for piecepackCopyright © 2000 by James Kyle