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Summary: Scaled down stupidly inflated claims for Genesis-World-Game


< * [ Genesis-World-Game], a GBG incarnating Buckminster Fuller, Hermann Hesse, and divinely channeled from Ludvig Wittgenstein.


> * '''[ Genesis-World-Game]''': a gbg involving Buckminster Fuller, Hermann Hesse, and Ludvig Wittgenstein.

Glass Bead Game playable variants

"GlassBeadGame PlayableVariant" is Charles_Cameron?'s term for an attempt to realise the GlassBeadGame in the real world in a playable way. One might think of a playable variant as "a glass bead game" (or gbg) rather than "the Glass Bead Game" (or GBG, which depending on viewpoint is either a fictional construct from TheNovel or an unattainable ideal or both).

Here are some PlayableVariants accessible on the Internet:

See also BambooGarden for Seattle's original gbg design community.

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