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  OBJECTIVE   After a boat crash in the North Atlantic players find themselves
  strandedon an iceberg. Through clever maneuvering they hope to be alive as the
  icebergmelts and breaks apart. The last survivor is the winner. SETUPFig.1
  Randomly place the tiles face-down on the table tobecome the iceberg as shown
  (fig.1), with the center squarebeing empty

  Each player then chooses a suit and takes all of thecoins of that suit, these are
  his survivors.  Fig.2 The oldest player goes first and places one of his coins
  face-down on the board in one of the starting positions asshown (fig.2). Play
  proceeds clockwise until all players have placed one coin.   PLAY  On a players
  turn they must perform one of four actions. Play a coin,Move a coin, Flip a tile,
  Roll for removal.  When a player has no coins to play ormove he is out of the
  game. Play A Coin   A player may play a coin face-down to any unoccupied square
  or tile on the board. Move A Coin   A player may move a coin one square
  orthogonally into any unoccupied square or tile.  Flip A Tile

  A player may flip any face-down tile that has at least one side openwhether it is
  occupied or not (fig.3). If the tile is occupied all coins get bumped in the
  direction as shown (fig.4 the tile with four coins is being flipped, the arrows
  show which direction the coins are bumped), if a bumped coin lands in an occupied
  square or tile the existing coin gets bumped also, and so on. Any coinsthat are
  knocked off the board are removed from play.Fig.3 fig.4

 Roll For Removal   A player may roll the die to remove a face-up tile from the
 board. Whenthe player rolls the die and a tile, whose face-up value matches that
 of the roll, exists the play must remove it. If multiple tiles match the player
 may choosewhich to remove. Any tiles that are stranded from main board are also
 removed.Any coins on a tile that is removed are removed from play. If no tiles
 match theroll the player’s turn ends with no action being performed. WINNING  When
 only player has coins remaining or he is the last player on theiceberg (only one
 tile remains and it is occupied by said player) he has won.
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