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All the games we know about that are entering the IronPiecepackDesignerContest, some with rules for playtesting! Add your games below.


I'd like to quote Jessica Eccles quoting Joseph Propati, who said this about the 2018 9-Card Nanogame Print and Play Design Contest on BoardGameGeek, but it applies to the IronPiecepackDesignerContest too.

"While the end result of the contest is a geekgold prize [or in our case everlasting glory], the goal of the contest should be to design the best [game] possible and help others do the same. The contest is much more enjoyable when you participate with other designers and provide feedback for their design. I recommend playing at least one or two games for every one game you enter. I realize that real life can get in the way sometimes so this isn't a requirement, but try to help others out if you can and they will likely do the same for you."

If you like the sound of that as much as we do, link your game below with the GameTemplate and let's get playtesting!

-- RonHaleEvans, after Jessica Eccles


Episode 1: The Iron Chef

Episode 2: Piecepack Matchsticks

Episode 3: Expand!

Side Contest: Best Piecepack Demonstration Video

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