Landlocked: Hither and Yon

Players 1
Length 7 minutes
Required Bits single standard piecepack
Designer EricWitt
Version 2.0
Version Date 2003-11-21
License custom license: This game may be distributed freely without charge, as long as this header stays in place and the document has no front or back cover. The author retains full ownership rights.


Construct a path through 12 locations.


Reviews & Comments

Entry in the SolitaryConfinement contest.

I gave this game a try today. I'm trying to play games that don't have any feedback or comments. What I found is that most of the times the setup is impossible to complete, with tiles that are blocked either by the inbound tiles or by outbound tiles that have a lower number. The farthest that I managed to get was to the 4th tile of the outbound suit, but the 5th was blocked behind inbound suit tiles and lower outbound suit tiles. The other games were even shorter... So as it is, I find the game frustrating, because it seems impossible to win (unless I'm missing something). Maybe a solution is to permit diagonal movement... A suggestion to speed up the set up is to choose two suits and stack them suit side up, while leaving the rest suit side down, then shuffling and laying the board. The end result is the same (a random distribution of tiles with only 2 suits face up). -JorgeArroyo

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