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Landlocked: Hither and Yon
A Solitary Confinement game for the piecepack by Eric Witt
Version 2.0, November 21, 2003
Copyright © 2003 by Eric Witt,
1 player, <7 minutes
License Restrictions:
This game may be distributed freely without charge, as long as
this header stays in place and the document has no front or back
cover. The author retains full ownership rights.
Equipment: 1 piecepack
Travel as you please, from hither to yon. Just don't become Landlocked!
Object: To construct a correct path through 12 locations.
Shuffle all tiles face down.
Arrange the tiles in a 5 by 5 value face up, with the empty space to the upper left.
Put all the coins in a face down pile. Pick one coin at random. This determines your
outbound suit. Pick another coin at random, if this coin is of a different suit than your
outbound suit, this suit becomes your inbound suit. If the second coin is the same suit as
the first coin, continue to pick coins at random, until two suits are selected in this manner.
(The second suit still becomes your inbound suit). Turn over all tiles that do not match
either suit. (Do not move the location of these tiles, simply turn them over.)
Game play
Select one pawn to represent your movement on the board. (It does not matter what
Place your pawn in the empty "space" on the upper left.
Moving orthogonally, move your pawn from the upper left to the null tile of your
outbound suit. (You may move your pawn through a higher valued outbound tile en route
to the current value your pawn is heading towards.) However you may not pass through
any tile on your inbound suit.
Once this is done, you must mark each tile you passed through. Refer to the section
"Tracking movements" for information on how to do this. After all the tiles you passed
through are marked, move on to the ace tile of your outbound suit, marking each tile you
passed through as before. Continue on in this manner and in order to tiles Ace-5 of the
outbound suit to 5-Null of the inbound suit. When you are working on your inbound suit,
you may pass through any and all tiles on your outbound suit. However you may not pass
through an inbound tile that has a value lower than the current value your pawn is moving

Tracking movements
Once you have moved your pawn to your next tile, you must mark each face down tile
you moved through with a coin (It does not matter what suit the coin is) face up. The
placement of a coin on each tile depends on how many times you have passed through
that tile. Refer to this table:
Number of times passed
Location of coin on tile
Lower right
Upper Right
Upper Left
Center of tile; see note *
*Note: After your fourth pass through a tile, that tile cannot be passed through again. You must alter your
path around this tile. Feel free to employ the lower left corner of the tile if you want to make an
easier game. Conversely you may also opt not to use the left side of the tile at all, allowing for a
harder game. (3 passes, the third pass has the coin placed in the center of the tile.) Each game is a
new experience, certain games may be as easy as moving your pawn in two straight lines, other
games will have no solution.
Winning the Game
You must make it back to where you started the game in order to win.
Version History
1.0 ­ 9/15/03
Main Game
2.0 -11/21/03 
Setup Clarified/Completed.