This page is to record the PlayByWiki games hosted by TrevorLDavis. Let me know in the comments if there is any particular piecepack game you'd like to play with me. If you are uncomfortable playing in the open I'd be happen to play by e-mail as well (emailing you a link to the picture of the game state after my moves).

You can use any reasonable notation or even complete sentences to indicate your move and on my turns I'll use PortablePiecepackNotation and piecepackr to generate a diagram of the game state. Depending on the game we could start playing right away or we may need to wait as I further develop the capabilities of the PortablePiecepackNotation parser.

Besides having fun and testing/inspiring further piecepackr development the other purpose of this is to help create and add example games to the piecepack wiki and Games to the Rescue.

Some Games here or there currently missing example games that would be straightforward to PlayByWiki:

Ron's 2019 10x10 challenge

This section is to record piecepack compatible games that are part of Ron's 2019 10x10 challenge that Trevor is also interested in playing namely AlienCity, Ultima, and Zendo (aka PiecepackCooking).


Event: Operation Ultima
Round: 1
  Name: Ultima
  Has subpack: True
White: Davis, Trevor L
Black: Hale-Evans, Ron
1. g2-g4 1... h7-h4
2. f2-f4 2... b7-b5
3. {W} e1-g3 3...

{ Rule Notes:
  * Besides King and Rook-moving Pawns all pieces have a non-capturing Queen Move
  * Withdrawer (W / Q): Capture by moving directly away from adjacent piece
  * Chameleon (X / B): Captures using enemy's move
  * Long Leaper (L / N): Leaps past enemy pieces, cannot leap over friendly pieces
  * Coordinator (C / R): Captures pieces on same rank as C and file as K 
                         and/or same file as C and rank as K
  * Immobilizer (I / ᴚ): No capture but paralyzes adjacent enemy pieces,
                         paralyzed enemy allowed to suicide as a move
  * Pinching Pawn (P): Orthogonal custodial capture (up to three pieces)
  * King (K): No castling

Current state of game:

Alien City

Event: Operation Alien City
Round: 1
  Name: Alien City
  Tiles: B4<R3<B3^B2>/R2>K3^KavG2v/G4<K5vG5<Ga</R4>R5vRa>K2v/G3>K4vBa>B5v
Black: Hale-Evans, Ron
White: Davis, Trevor L

1. {Put your move here in some non-ambiguous way}

{ Notes:
    Pieces left:
        Domes: 3 red, 3 blue, 3 green, 3 black
        Towers: 2 red, 3 blue, 2 green
        Caps: 3 black
        Domes: 3 red, 3 blue, 3 green, 3 black
        Towers: 3 red, 2 blue, 2 green
        Caps: 3 white
  Rule Crib Notes:
    * Domes (coins) may only be built on tiles matching their color unless no 
      legal lots of that color on the board left.
      In such a case those color's domes can be built on other lots.
    * The first two structures on a tile must be towers of the same color or domes. 
      After a tile holds two structures then *towers* (pyramids) of any color may be built on it.
      Exception for black tiles: any color *tower* may always be built on it.
    * May not build a structure that results in two built lots unreachable
      through the (single) evolving road network.
    * The lot containing guild icon (suit symbol) may not be built on until
      all other legal lots on that tile have been built on.
    * Points score = (Customer base 1-2 spaces on street network) x (Distance to nearest competition)
    * For each unclaimed green tower the owners of closest red/blue towers receive bonuses 10 - 2*distance