Piecepack Game Design Competition Winners

This page tracks the winners, runners-up, honorable mentions, and so on for the various game design Competitions. If a game is listed on this page, it is probably pretty good.

See also RecommendedGames.

Time Marches On

Winner: KidSproutJumboree, by RonHaleEvans and Marty Hale-Evans

See TimeMarchesOn for more details.

Ludic Synergy

Winner: AlienCity, by Michael_Schoessow?

Runners-Up (2):

See LudicSynergy for more details.

Changing Landscapes

Winner: New City, by Rob LeGood

Runner-Up: IceFloe, by Tim Schutz

Honorable Mentions (3, de facto):

See ChangingLandscapes for more details.

History Repeats Itself

Winner: PharaohsHeir, by Phillip Lerche

Runner-Up: Chariots, by Mark A. Biggar

Best Use of Theme: DivorcedBeheadedDiedDivorcedBeheadedSurvived, EricWitt

See HistoryRepeatsItself for more details.

Solitary Confinement

Winner: PiecePackingPirates, by ClarkRodeffer

Runners-Up (2):

Honorable Mentions (3):

See SolitaryConfinement for more details.

Group Projects

Winner: TheInCrowd, by JebHavens? & IanSchreiber?

Runners-Up (3):

See GroupProjects for more details.

Good Portsmanship

Winner: TheColonistsOfNatick, by GaryPressler?

Runner-Up: ShoppingMall, by MichaelSchoessow? and StephenSchoessow?

See GoodPortsmanship for more details

Where No One Has Gamed Before


Gold: Tingle by Chris Goodwin

Silver: Desfases by Antonio Recuenco Muñoz


Gold: PiecepackMatchsticks by Dan Burkey

Silver: MixedSuitsExpansion by Antonio Recuenco Muñoz

Special Achievement

See Where_No_One_Has_Gamed_Before and Where_No_One_Has_Gamed_Before_Results for more details.

Mesomorph Games Piecepack Design Contest Winners

This private contest is independent of the public contests above.

Mesomorph Games Contest 1

MG has released two piecepack expansions, 4 Seasons and Playing Cards. This contest was intended to spur authors to begin incorporating the unique aspects of these new products into game designs. All submissions had to make use of a Mesomorph Games expansion (either 4 Seasons or Playing Cards) as an integral part of the theme or mechanics of the game.

Winner: PiecepackLetterbox, by RonHaleEvans

See MesomorphGamesContest?1 for more details.