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Mark A. Biggar

Mark A. Biggar

Email: MailTo(mark AT biggar DOT org)

I'm a Software Engineer specializing in Computer Security. I am a member of the Silicon Valley Boardgaming Group which meets at the Rengsdorf Park Community Center in Mountain View, CA on Tuesday nights and also sponsors the So Bay Area Gamedays. I've worked on several game ideas over the years, but have not tried to get any published, but would like to. My favorite piecepack game (not my own) is AlienCity. My current favorite commercial games are Race for The Galaxy, Power Grid (Funkenschlag) and Age of Steam. I collect vintage and current railroad themed games of all types. My other hobbies are Origami, Japanese Anime and Manga, Comic Books, Science Fiction and collecting rocks and fossils. My whole extended family plays games and most family gatherings are non-stop gaming sessions.

My piecepack Games

As of August 2004 there are updated versions of all my games up on the BigBoard.

GameNotes Extra Bits
BrainBurn (9) (11)none
Carroms (4)none
Chariots (6) (8)none
Checkers (1)none
ChineseCheckers (1)none
Deductioncup or bag, paper and pencil for each player
Evade (2) (8)none
Everest (10)none
GlobalWarming (3) (7)cup or bag
LabRats (9) (11)none
NineBall (4)none
Ppolf (4)score sheet from back of rules and optional items to use as obstacles
ScavengerHunt (7)none
TabletopBocce (4)none
TabletopCroquet (4)none
Taxicabcup or bag, 150 tokens and the optional board from back of rules
TowerOfBabel (11)none
WormDerby (5) (8)none


(1) My way to play this classic game using a piecepack.
(2) This game was originally designed by Alex Randolph and adapted by me for the piecepack.
(3) GlobalWarming was co-written with my sister Gloria Wall and her son Aron.
(4) Flicking game. Most of my flicking games require a smooth seamless-surface table of at least 8 sq feet and at least 4 ft in one dimension.
(5) Requires a playing surface of at least 2 ft by 4 ft.
(6) Runner up in the HistoryRepeatsItself contest.
(7) Entry in the ChangingLandscapes contest.
(8) One of the RecommendedGames.
(9) Entry in the SolitaryConfinement contest.
(10) movement system based on my essay below.
(11) solitaire game.

My Writings on the piecepack

Essay: Programmed Movement in piecepack Games

A discussion on using piecepack coins for Roborally like programmed movement games.

My handmade Plastic piecepack


The tiles are 2" x 2" x 3/16" opaque white Plexiglas. The coins and cubes are clear acrylic. The pawns I got from Cheapass Games. I got the downloadable PDFs color laser printed on 8" x 11" Avery labels at Kinkos, cut them out and stuck them on.

Mark, this is a beautiful set. Where did you get the acrylic and Plexiglas pieces? --ChrisBrooks

There is a store chain here in the SF Bay area called TAP Plastics. They sell the cubes and coins out of bins and cut the Plexiglas tiles for me to order. -- Mark A. Biggar

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