The Infinite Board Game

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Rulebook Contents

Classic Games

Checkers, PieceChisi, PiecepackKlondike, Tula, PiecepackHyena, TheColonistsOfNatick, PiecepackDodgem, Quatri, FourFieldKono, PlansOfAction.

Solo Games

Fuji-san, PieceGaps, Landlocked, The Magic Bag, Skyscrapers, CardinalsGuards, Mathrix, CrocodileHop, EasySlider, GalaxyExpress, LabRats, CoinCollectors.

General Games

FourBlindMice, CreamOfTheCrop, HangingGardens, PiecepackSeabattle, Takeover, Matches, MotoX, Iceberg, A Knight's Tale, TheInCrowd, SailboatRegatta, KingArthursCourt, Relativity, Wormholes, WormDerby, WhirlpoolPond (Tube Wars), FroggyBottom, SanAndreas, ScavengerHunt, SlidesOfAction, Deduction, Sarcophagus.

Games of Dexterity

Soccer, NineBall, TabletopCroquet, TabletopBocce, Carroms, Shove piecepack.