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Taxonomy Summary


A race game frequently features dice, a linear field, ousting opponents, and a positional objective.


A space game generally features a field of areas, blocking or capturing opponents, and an objective involving position/pattern/territory.


The main feature of Parlett's chase games category is substantial material asymmetry. Other features usually include a regularly-spaced field and capturing. Objectives can be positional like space games or overwhelming like displace games.


Displace games generally feature capturing, with the object being to overwhelm.


Parlett's original classifications were designed only for traditional abstract board games. I have extended the category to include non-board games where the theme is central and there is no clear abstract board game structure.


Anything with no board, implied board or concrete theme goes here.

Solitiare Games

Games played by a single person.

Games for Children

These games are especially good for playing with young childern.

Recommended Games

These games were nominated by the mailing list members as the best games.