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These are lists of games organized into groupings by their Version Date field. Since a game's Version Date should be the last date their rules were revised this means these are technically lists of when a game's rules was last (lovingly) touched by their designer and not lists of when a game was originally published (and had a page added to the wiki). If just interested in the latter please sort the GamesStatistics spreadsheet according to its "year first published" column. However if you are looking for what are the newest piecepack rule updates (including both the revisions and the creations) keep looking below at these lists.

Due to the automated nature of these lists, there may be omissions or errors. If you find any problems please leave a note and I'll attempt to address them. --- TrevorLDavis


This time range includes Community Design Competition #9, IronPiecepackDesignerContest


This time range includes Community Design Competition #8, Where No One Has Gamed Before


This time range includes ToyVault's private design contest


This time range includes MesomorphGamesContest1 and Community Design Competition #7, GoodPortsmanship


This time range includes Community Design Competitions #1-#6


The earliest piecepack games